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Software Tools


Free Software

Mendeley | Mendeley is for organizing research papers, PDFs and generating organized references tables.  Allows for creation of an online profile, so you can take your paper titles/information with you on any device or computer away from the office. Allows for free syncing of paper titles across devices.

Open Office | Alternative solution to the Microsoft Office suite.  Open-source.

idTracker| Published method (Nature Methods) for tracking movement of multiple living organisms with high accuracy.

ImageJ | Image processing and analysis.  Great for collecting data from images, such as lengths, areas and quantities.

Audacity | Free audio recording and editing software.

Blender | Open-source 3D animation and modeling software.  Disclaimer: steep learning curve.

[R] | Open-source statistical analysis software.  Incredible versatility, but steep learning curve (command-line programming).

[R] Studio | Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for [R]. Also provides ability to produce output in PDF, HTML, or Word formats (R Markdown).

MAMP | Run a locally hosted server with PHP and MySQL databases.  Great for web development.

Manager | Free accounting software for creating quotes, invoices, accounts payable/receivable, and other features handy for personal finances.

LaTex | “A document preparation system”

FieldBook (for Android) | Open-source software for collection of data in the field


IRAC | Insecticide Resistance Action Committee