Pradia and UpTake – Green Peach Aphid Suppression

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We tested Pradia as a foliar and three different drench rate applications, as well as KleenGrow as a foliar application, to suppress green peach aphids on potted pansies.

Pradia as a foliar application may have provided greater suppression by 3 days after treatment compared to the drench applications; however, all Pradia treatments (all drench rates and foliar application) provided very good suppression (>95%) of green peach aphids by 7 days after treatment.

KleenGrow provided suppression of aphids by 3 days after treatment (~50%), which resulted in reduced aphids throughout the trial.

For the full report, visit the publication in Arthropod Management Tests:

Erfan Vafaie, Christine Pawlik, Insecticidal Control of Green Peach Aphid on Pansies, 2020, Arthropod Management Tests, Volume 45, Issue 1, 2020, tsaa096,

Mean aphids (+/- standard error) per caged pansy for each treatment at 0, 3, 7, and 14 days after initial treatment application.