Six Legged Aggie LogoContrary to popular belief, the six-legged aggie is not a pest.  Even though he may have the morphology of an aphid, he has been raised and trained to spy on horticultural pests by the extension program specialist in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Erfan Vafaie. Due to the six-legged aggie’s appearance, other insect pests trust him with their insider information, shares it with Erfan, who in turn shares it with the world wide web. Although this program is focused mainly in Texas, the information herein may be useful for horticulturalists anywhere around the world.

Erfan Vafaie is stationed through the Agrilife Research and Extension office in Overton, TX.  See Contact for details.

The Six-legged Aggie Character was designed, drawn, and conceived by Sean Burns, then 3D modeled using Blender by Erfan Vafaie.

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Brady Barrow – Summer Extension Demonstration Technician