If we don’t have a 2’ x 2’ area of a particular plant, but have a total of 4 sq. ft. of that type of plant spread out amongst other species of plants, is it ok to count pollinators that are seen on the individual but separated plants within the 60-second period?

That’s a bit tricky; although we haven’t decided on an ‘official’ policy on including plants that are not right next to each other, our initial thoughts are that it’s ok, as long as you can count the number of pollinators within a 2’ x 2’ area within those 60-seconds. So if you have two 1×1 areas that are separated by just a couple of feet, you may be able to observe both of those plants together within those 60-seconds, and that would be ok. However, if a pollinator visits one of the 1 ‘ x 1’ plots and flies over to the next 1’ x 1’ plot that are being observed together, do not count that pollinator twice!

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