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Software Tools


Free Software

ReadCube | A great application for researching, downloading, organizing, and marking up PDFs. Can connect to Word to generate citations. Premium features include syncing papers across all devices.

Mendeley | Similar to ReadCube in function, Mendeley is for organizing research papers, PDFs and generating organized references tables.  Allows for creation of an online profile, so you can take your paper titles/information with you on any device or computer away from the office. Allows for free syncing of paper titles across devices.

Open Office | Alternative solution to the Microsoft Office suite.  Open-source.

VirtualBox | Virtual Machine software for running other operating systems within your current OS, similar to Parallels and vmware.  Great for those few applications that don’t run on your current operating system.  Disclaimer: requires a copy of the operating system which you are wanting to install.

WineBottler | Can turn some .exe (PC executable files) into .app files to run on an OSX (apple) operating system.  Does not work with all applications.

idTracker| Published method (Nature Methods) for tracking movement of multiple living organisms with high accuracy.

ImageJ | Image processing and analysis.  Great for collecting data from images, such as lengths, areas and quantities.

BitTorrent Sync | Great for syncing files between computers and devices.  Similar to ‘dropbox’, except all awake machines that have been granted access to your folder act as a “server”, rather than a server owned by a private company.  Only negative side: syncing only occurs when machines are on.

Audacity | Free audio recording and editing software.

Blender | Open-source 3D animation and modeling software.  Disclaimer: steep learning curve.

[R] | Open-source statistical analysis software.  Incredible versatility, but steep learning curve (command-line programming).

MAMP | Run a locally hosted server with PHP and MySQL databases.  Great for web development.

Manager | Free accounting software for creating quotes, invoices, accounts payable/receivable, and other features handy for personal finances.

Molecular Flipbook | Open-source molecular biology animating software.

LaTex | “A document preparation system”

FieldBook (for Android) | Open-source software for collection of data in the field


IRAC | Insecticide Resistance Action Committee