Six-legged Aggie is primarily a resource to meet the needs of the greenhouse ornamental and nursery industry in Texas.  This website is create and updated by Texas A&M AgriLife extension program specialist in integrated pest management, Mr. Erfan Vafaie.

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Crapemyrtle Bark Scale Update

The crapemyrtle bark scale is an invasive pest of crapemyrtles, first introduced in the US in 2004. For a summary the scale, check out the page on crapemyrtle bark scale. Earlier this year (2017), crapemyrtle bark scale has been found on landscape beautyberry in East Texas.


One way to know if an insecticide will work

With the plethora of pesticides out there, it can be challenging to know which will actually work an which wont. Many blogs and websites suggest different home remedies or natural products, but how can you know whether what the blogs are saying are reliable?


IOBC Canada 2017 – Part II

This post is a part of a series of notes taken at the International Organization of Biological Control 2017. Go back to Monday’s Agenda Plant-provided food increases indirect defense through manipulation of a mutualism Pete Nelson, North Carolina State University Conservation biological control in tobacco Spined stiltbug


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